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A locally-owned, 30+ year, customer-focused commercial door company. 303-797-3667

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Rocky Mountain Dock and Door Specialties

30+ Years as a locally owned and operated Business


Rocky Mountain Dock & Door Specialties is a customer-focused commercial dock and door service company.



SERVICE: We can service or repair just about anything that opens and/or closes - that you can walk or drive through.  We are a 30-year, locally owned and operated business.  We think and act like business people, rather than a company that just fixes doors. We understand that a broken door can directly impact your business – and the last thing we want is for a broken door to cost you business.   

INSTALLATIONS:Our Company was built as being one of the premier door subcontractors on significant construction projects in Colorado.  To name a few well known projects: Invesco Field * Coors Field * Ikea Store * Denver International Airport * Pepsi Center * Dick’s Sporting Goods Park * and many others.    


We are selective in choosing what projects we work on.  We want to make sure the parties involved share our commitment to providing superior products and service, at a fair price.  We want to be able to deliver WHAT we say we will, and WHEN we say we will.  We are selective in finding the right jobs and contractors to work with.

SALES:We are proud of the industry partners we represent.  We partner with the best suppliers of dock and door products in the industry.  They represent the best answer to your dock and door needs, and are companies that are professional and innovative and bale to solve the most complex issues in the industry.

Our capabilities are truly special.  No job is too big or too small.  With over 80 years of door expertise within our company, we want to be your door expert and look forward to being able to demonstrate our capabilities.We are proud of the type of door company we have become.


+ 24 hour/365 days a year service - 303-727-9141

+ Gold Star rating by multiple national door suppliers + Long tenure of our door technicians

+ Customer partners including large nationally recognized companies

+ Company owner/president who is actively involved in the day to day operations


+ Office staff who have field experience as door technicians

+ Dedication of our staff to exceed customer expectations on each and every job


Click Here to Watch our President on a Rockies' commercial